VEFA real estate purchase in Paris : an excellent investment

Buying a property in Paris or in the Ile-de-France region guarantees that your initial capital will be protected. Whether you want to live in the property or to rent it out, a property in Paris has every chance of a rapid increase in value, as the demand for housing continues to out weigh the supply. To ensure the success of your off-plan purchase (VEFA) in Paris, seek the expertise of GEFIC immobilier, a specialist in VEFA real estate since 1961 in the Paris region.

Investing in property in Paris: a safe and secure financial investment

Real estate is still the preferred financial investment in France. The current health and economic crisis has helped to accentuate this unconditional attachment to property. Investors rely primarily on real estate to make their money grow, particularly to increase the value of their assets. According to a study, 8 out of 10 investors still consider real estate to be the most attractive investment. Less volatile than stock market products, more tangible than life insurance, real estate is therefore the most reassuring option of all, especially in these times of crisis. In the Ile-de-France region and in Paris, purchasing a property continues to be a safe investment. Indeed, the demand for housing is always largely superior to the supply of available housing, specifically due to the economic activity of the Ile-de-France region with its 12.21 million inhabitants. Whether you choose a studio, a 3 or 4 bedroom apartment, you will not have any challenges with renting or reselling it.

VEFA real estate in Paris is still the most common method of acquisition on the new real estate market. The principle of buying off-plan allows you to choose an apartment that is configured and laid out according to your specific needs and your budget. This also allows you to benefit from numerous customized options. Another advantage of purchasing an off-plan property in the Paris region is the possibility of obtaining a tax reduction thanks to certain tax exemption laws, such as the Pinel law. Indeed, most areas in the Paris region are eligible for this scheme. 

Thus, by purchasing an off-plan apartment in Paris, or a new  property in Île-de-France, you are making a solid investment :

  • With guaranteed capital: real estate is the most secure and reliable investment

  • Attractive: profitable if you rent it and easy to sell if you occupy it

  • Tax-efficient: entitles you - subject to conditions - to a tax reduction

  • Customizable ; with configuration options to choose from according to your needs

Parisian real estate: still popular with foreign clients 

The Alexandre 3 bridge illuminated at dusk, Montmartre and its "Amélie Poulain"-style brasseries, its romanticism... Paris is still Paris, the city of art, luxury and love, with a halo of prestige, in the eyes of foreign clients. The Parisian real estate market continues to be a dream for Russian, Qatari, American and Saudi investors. Loft apartments with a view of the Seine or spacious rooftops with a panorama view of the Eiffel Tower: demand for exclusive properties is set to rise once again in 2021. Despite the health crisis, the Parisian market is maintaining its course and consequently continuing to show a significant amount of transactions.

Purchase off-plan with GEFIC 

GEFIC has been a major player in the Ile-de-France property market since 1961 and has built up an extremely vast knowledge specifically of the Ile-de-France region in the course of its 60 years of activity. Which areas are the most popular ? Which area should you choose according to the purpose of your property ? What type of programme should you choose ? Rely on our expertise in order to make your purchase in Paris and the Ile-de-France region a success. Our consultants are here to help you find a property best suited for your needs.


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