Our advice on purchasing a new home in Île-de-France

Have you decided to buy a new home in the Ile-de-France region ? Renowned for its attractiveness, the Ile-de-France property market also has a number of specific features, with sectors undergoing major changes. What opportunities are there to be seized ? In which sector should you invest to ensure a capital profit on resale ? More generally, how do you go about buying a new home in Paris or the Paris suburbs ? Thanks to their expertise in this field, GEFIC can advise you on the appropriate steps to follow to ensure your property purchase is successful and to avoid any harmful mistakes. 

Financing the property, surface area... think of your property project

Buying a property cannot be impulsive. Before you even attempt to look for the ideal property, you need to consider two fundamental criteria: 

- Your needs in terms of accommodation: number of rooms, surface area, equipment, etc.

- Your purchasing capacity / budget: i.e. the financial capital available for your purchase   (generally made up of your personal contribution /savings and your bank loan). 

The challenge is to combine these two financial entities in order to purchase the property best suited for your financial position and meeting the maximum expectations you desire. 

Calculate your actual purchase budget 

Do you have a precise and quantified idea of the budget you can allocate to your purchase project? How did you calculate it? 
This information is crucial for the success of your project. At the risk of being disappointed, don't rely on a simple online estimate, which is often far from the reality. Our advice: make an appointment with your banker for a complete diagnosis of your financial resources available and with a real estate broker, a true credit specialist. The amount of money you can borrow depends on a number of factors, including your personal contribution, fixed charges, debt ratio and mortgage rates. 
It's impossible to get a reliable estimate in a few clicks. Every buyer has different financing solutions. 

Important point: include in your personal capital only funds that are immediately available and can be mobilised for a purchase (do not include, for example, funds blocked on a life insurance policy or real estate assets).

What are your real needs ? 

Did you know that several studies have shown that moving house is one of the most stressful events in life ? 
According to a survey carried out by TNS Sofres in 2006, 76% of French people expressed their anxiety at the idea of having to change their place of residence. Between the legitimate stress generated by the future move, but also by the financial commitment of the purchase, it is essential to be accompanied by a trusted expert. 

Thanks to their professional view and expertise, your GEFIC negotiator, will guide you every step along the way, from the start to the end of the project, ultimately finding the best solutions to meet your desires and your budget. 
Your budget does not allow you to buy a T4 in the targeted area ?
 You can't find a flat in your price range with a terrace or balcony ? 
Your GEFIC expert will help you find alternatives, along with you taking the time to analyse the reasons for each requested criterion. Why do you absolutely need a garage or an extra room ? 
Your GEFIC consultant can help you find a creative solution you hadn't thought of. The objective: to help you become the owner of a property that suits your lifestyle and your needs. 

Buying via VEFA (Sale in Future State of Completion) often gives rise to additional fears, as you are purchasing a property that only exists on paper. Your GEFIC negotiator will support you throughout the process: when choosing the services (particularly for the kitchen and bathroom), at all the milestones (waterproofing, airtightness, etc.), and also in the event of any intermediate modification work to be carried out by the developer... You are never alone. 


VEFA sale: planning with 3D 

In the new-build property market in Paris, the sale in future state of completion (VEFA) is commonplace, due to the actual tension in the market. The principle: you buy a property (flat or house) off-plan, i.e. before it is even built. To help you project yourself into your future property, GEFIC systematically uses 3D modelling to carry out a highly realistic virtual visit. This 3D visualisation medium, designed by our partner, the start-up Habiteo, allows you to visualise and fall in love with the property you will purchase. Visit our dedicated page to find out all about buying off-plan (VEFA). 

New Real Estate for sale in Île-de-France: where to buy ? 

When it comes to real estate, the location of a property is a determining factor in its profitability. This rule applies both to the purchase of a main residence (which must be close to public transport, schools, shops, etc.) and for property investments (where the location has an impact on the asset value of the property). New real estate market in the Ile-de-France is constantly evolving. In the Paris region, the urban area is changing as a result of numerous rehabilitation and modernisation projects, it is therefore important to find out as much information as possible about the specific characteristics of the area. 

Grand Paris: great opportunities 

The titanic construction site of the Grand Paris Express is now able to offer new prospects. With the delivery of 4 new metro stations (line 14) and nearly 68 stations, certain Parisian sectors will become considerably more attractive. This structuring project is reshuffling the cards for the Paris market. For example, property prices around the Fort d'Issy-Vanves-Clamart station, which will be completely modernised, have already risen by over 15%. The same phenomenon has been observed in Saint-Ouen and Porte de Clichy, which are already benefiting from renewed interest from buyers. One of the winning strategies to adopt for your property purchase in the Paris region is therefore to target the areas affected by the vast Grand Paris Express construction site. Whether you are buying your main residence or investing, you have the opportunity to make a very attractive profit when you resell your property.  

Paris Olympics: neighbourhoods with high potential 

In 2024, the Parisian capital is to host the Olympic Games. In view of the organisation of this world event, work on the Grand Paris Express will accelerate. Overall, almost 100,000 new homes will be built. Some areas of Paris, such as Seine-Saint-Denis, will undergo a real metamorphosis, with the construction of the Olympiades and numerous facilities. A purchase in these key areas of the Paris Olympics can be particularly profitable. 

Quality of the programmes, control of the purchasing process, real estate expertise, and trusted partners: GEFIC will help you make a success of your property purchase in the Ile-de-France region, from the start of your journey right up to your installation. Find out about all our available new off-plan property developments in the Paris region and contact us for an initial meeting.

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