Buying or selling land in Île de France

If you want to acquire or build your own house, the first thing you have to do is purchase a plot of land. This is where everything begins.

Choosing the right land to buy

Buying land is not something to be taken lightly. Apart from choosing the right location according to your wishes, other criteria must also be taken into account. Of course, the land to be purchased must be within your budget.

Buying land above your budget can lead to debt. Before buying a plot of land, it is advisable to compare the offers carefully, to analyse them in detail before making a final decision. Many real estate agencies, whether in person or on the internet, offer a wide range of equally attractive deals.

When looking at existing offers, do not hesitate to ask about the cost including all taxes. On particular occasions only the price excluding tax is shown and when the tax is included, prices naturally increase.

A building plot to suit your lifestyle

Other essential parameters come into play before buying a plot of land. This is the location of the land. It must be chosen according to:

- habits
- lifestyle
- family structure (number of children, etc.)
- the proximity of activities such as work, children's school.
- One can also take into account medical centres, supermarkets, ...

The cost of land on the outskirts can be very attractive, but the additional cost can be significant, especially the cost of moving. It is important to choose a good location for your property, as life's hazards may lead you to resell it later. It is therefore important, to bear in mind that a well-located plot of land, will facilitate the resale value of your home.

Who do I contact to buy my land in compliance with the law?

From the law’s perspective, before buying an open plot, it is advisable to consult the town hall and request an operational town planning certificate. This will show whether the future construction project on the land to be purchased is feasible or not. Depending on the characteristics required of the future home, you will be informed of the various constraints to be respected, particularly at the architectural level (shape of the roofs, their colours, the shape of the windows, their orientation, etc.).

Several things need to be checked, such as the servicing of the land and its connection to the various networks. All of these aspects guarantee the quality of the land and ensure that construction is possible without any unpleasant surprises.